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Rai's Rendezvous 44042 Pipeline Plz Ashburn VA
 Happy Hour Dinner Friends Hang outs Family Friendly Dining
 Happy Hour Dinner Friends Hang outs Family Friendly Dining

A Realm of Culinary Mastery

and Captivating Entertainment!

Rendezvous[Ron-day-voo] · (noun)An appointed meeting or gathering place where individuals come together & to share experiences.


A Celebration of Flavors

​Experience the magic of  Chef John. Each dish is carefully crafted to highlight the unique flavors of our locally sourced ingredients. Click here to view our menu.

Experience the Pinnacle of Excellence

Indulge in our culinary creations, exquisite cocktails, the finest spirits and carefully curated wine list. Our passion for food and entertainment is reflected in every dish we serve and every performance we host.


Secure Your Table for an Unforgettable Experience

Ensure a front-row seat at RaisRendezvous, where every meal is an event and every moment a celebration. Reserve now to indulge in Chef John's creations, exquisite cocktails, and the finest spirits.

View Gallery

Explore our gallery to experience the artistry and ambiance of RaisRendezvous. Each photo captures the essence of our culinary creations, vibrant cocktails, and unforgettable performances. Let our visuals inspire your next visit and give you a taste of the exquisite moments that await.


Savour The Moments

At RaisRendezvous, every meal is more than just food—it's an experience. Relish the flavors of Chef John's creations, enjoy our exquisite cocktails, and unwind with the finest spirits. Each moment here is crafted to be memorable, inviting you to savor and celebrate life’s special occasions and everyday delights.

Let's Rendezvous 
Rai's Rendezvous 

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